Managers Put Up Barriers To Employee Volunteering

The ever excellent Third Sector Daily – required reading here in the Volunteer Centre on most days – has highlighted a set of barriers that could be preventing thousands of volunteers from being involved in their communities.

The article by Kay Wiggins says:

HR and line managers are biggest barriers, says Government’s former volunteering champion

All government departments should have an employer-supported volunteering scheme in place by 2011, according to a report by the Prime Minister’s former volunteering champion.

Baroness Neuberger’s report, Employer-supported Volunteering in the Civil Service, says all civil servants should be given up to five days off a year to volunteer and employer-supported volunteering should be available in all government agencies by 2012.

But the report, which was published yesterday, adds that a shortage of resources and a lack of endorsement for volunteering from human resources departments and line managers are fundamental barriers to expanding employer-supported volunteering.

 Although this report is specifically about Employer Supported Volunteering in the Civil Service, employees of many other private, public and even voluntary sector organisations face similar barriers to volunteering. If you want to find out more about employer-supported volunteering, contact us here at the Volunteer Centre South Derbyshire.


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