Barriers To Employer Supported Volunteering

In response to our recent post about the barriers that can exist to employer supported volunteering, I am delighted that I had an email from Sally Davis at Growing Ambitions. This is what she had to say on the subject:

Half-hour career speaking benefits the bottom line

Half an hour is all it takes to change young lives for the better, and benefit your business. People can volunteer to give a face-to-face 30-minute talk about their jobs and careers to young people near them, and encourage them into good career choices that are right for them.  Employers UK-wide are choosing Growing Ambitions because career speaker volunteering is a great Corporate Social Responsibility activity. It’s good for staff development and it boosts confidence and morale – it also gets the company name noticed in the local community and career sector especially at a time when marketing budgets may be under attack.

This ‘light touch’ volunteering is designed for busy working people. Sign up at to receive an invitation to speak from a careers adviser in a local school, college or university in your neighbourhood.

CRB checks are not necessary as a teacher is always present and there is no long-term commitment – you can opt out at any time with a few mouse clicks.

People of all ages and experience levels, from all kinds of organisations and businesses, in all parts of the UK, are signing up. Large employers with 500+ employees are getting their own ‘personalised’ Growing Ambitions volunteering portal for their own websites or intranets.

“Volunteer to speak and make Corporate Social Responsibility a reality in your community.  Every half-hour session can make a significant difference to young life and is great community involvement for any organisation,” says Sally Davis, Managing Director of award-winning non-profit Growing Ambitions.


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