Flu Pandemic Volunteering

From the news, it seems that Swine Flu has already become the number one health issue of this year. You will probably have seen that there are special arrangements being made to deal with the large numbers of people who are expected to be affected by this virus.

South Derbyshire CVS has been asked to help in two specific ways that could involve you or your volunteers.

Meeter, Greeter and Checker

There are an increasing number of medicine distribution points being set up across Derbyshire. There is an important role for volunteers to support NHS staff to meet the needs of people referred to the distribution centre by the National Pandemic Flu Helpline.

You will not be dealing directly with flu patients, but with people picking up medicine on their behalf.

Flu Friend

This volunteer role is to pick up that medicine from the distribution point, or possibly pop to the shop for some bread and milk for someone who has no-one else to go for them.

Again, you will not need to come into direct contact with flu patients.

In both of these volunteer roles, you will have the satisfaction of being part of a team working to minimise the effects of this illness on people who are going through a vulnerable period and who are unable to fend for themselves.

If you want to find out more about either (or both) of these roles, please contact the Volunteer Centre team on 01283 550163. Due to holidays in the team, it will be easier to contact us by phone than  by email.


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One Response to Flu Pandemic Volunteering

  1. Alex says:

    You can also become a volunteer flu friend with the british red cross. Check out our blog post about flu friends:


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