Christmas Volunteering

Dare we start talking about Christmas yet?

This is a very brief post to ask you to start thinking of how your organisation is going to tap into the annual influx of people who want to volunteer at Christmas.  If you would like talk about some ideas or simply want some support with volunteering – that’s what the Volunteer Centre is here for.

Santa gets ready to do some Christmas volunteering.

Santa gets ready to do some Christmas volunteering.

Unlike a dog, a volunteer could be “Just for Christmas”.


About Volunteer Centre South Derbyshire

We are the Volunteer Centre serving South Derbyshire, supporting volunteers, volunteer managers and volunteering organsiations
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2 Responses to Christmas Volunteering

  1. Mrs Gloria Howard says:

    A cook & Assistance are willing to work christmas day to help the needed. My sister who is a School cook and I are willing to help any organisation who need our assistance on Christmas day to either cook or help with lunch for the disabled/handicapped or needy on this special day. We both live in the Bexley/kent area and would prefer not to travel as we do not have transport but are willing to help out any organisation during this special festive season.

    • Hi Gloria, Thank you for this brilliant offer to volunteer. We are a LONG way from Kent here in South Derbyshire, but I will send your email address to your local Volunteeer Centre. You can contact Volunteer Centre Bexley on (020 8304 0911) or e-mail to find out what they are offering over the Christmas period.
      Volunteer Centre South Derbyshire

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