A robot in Parliament to help young people speak their mind

v, the national younth volunteering organisation, is setting up a robot in the Houses of Parliament next week as part of their Voicebox project,which will physically write out messages on paper sent in by anyone aged between 16-25. Those message will then be passed on to politicians!

They need as many messages as possible sent in before the end of the week.

The Voicebox project itself  aims to give young people a say:

Have you ever carried a knife for your own protection? Shop lifted goods worth more than a fiver or suffered from an eating disorder? Do you think drugs are ok for recreational use? Are you interested in politics? & do you respect your elders? Many people in today’s society may think they already know the answers to these questions but what do 16-25 years olds really think?

 Are you fed up with not being heard? Are you tired of being labelled? Well, now it’s your turn to speak up and let your opinions count with the launch of Voicebox, a new online youth insight project from v, the National Young Volunteers Service.  www.voicebox.vinspired.com

Voicebox aims to really get to the heart of what 16-25 year olds think and wants you to voice your opinions, concerns and interests to help break down the stereotypes. Today’s younger generation are often portrayed in a negative light focusing on the activities of the minority and it’s easy for the real voice of youth to get lost.

v, the National Young Volunteers Service hope that data collected from Voicebox will address this by helping to paint an accurate picture of young people in modern society. Working with the think tank Demos, the final results will then be shared with government and policy makers who have the power to make positive change happen.

Voicebox is an anonymous online platform where 16-25 year olds can take part in opinion polls, comment on blogs and provide feedback on a variety of social issues that concern them. Topics that will be addressed over the coming months include:

–       Labels and stereotypes

–       Values

–       Community

 If you are 16-25 and want you voice to be heard then visit www.voicebox.vinspired.com


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