Volunteering Featured On Peak Time TV All This Week

I wish I could tell you that the BBC, ITV and other UK television channels had embraced our field, but we’d have to be in the USA to see how mainstream peak-time television treats volunteering. The programmes are on air this week and, I guess, will eventually arrive here in the UK. 

We picked this story up via an American volunteer manager based in Germany who emailed another volunteer manager in Australia.

Volunteering Coming to Your TV Set Next Week!

Television shows on ABC, NBC, CBS, Fox and several cable channels are incorporating themes of service and volunteering into their scripts and story lines that will reach hundreds of millions of viewers during the week of October 19-25. All this primetime focus is expected to generate renewed interest in volunteering in local communities. The Corporation for National and Community Service has teamed up with EIF on this unprecedented effort, and we encourage you to use this opportunity to recruit volunteers and highlight the work your organization is doing.

Are you ready for Desperate Housewives, Ghost Whisperers, Mentalists, and Heroes to call your office looking for a way to volunteer? Those shows are just some of the more than 90 primetime programs that will be highlighting volunteering next week as part of iParticipate, a national initiative of the Entertainment Industry Foundation to shine the spotlight on the ways that everyday Americans help their neighbors.

The American story also gives some very useful tips about how organisations need to be ready to respond to the flood of enquiries that this campiagn should bring. As set of tips that all of us who work with volunteers can use, once translated from American into into English.

Are you and your organization ready? Here are a few tips and links from the Resource Center on ways to welcome, invite, incorporate, support, and celebrate the volunteers who walk through your doors.


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