We Need Your Old Small Jam Jar

Sorry,  this is not rhyming slang to revive the car scrappage scheme, but a genuine plea for small jars and their lids.

We have a brilliant project here at the Volunteer Centre South Derbyshire, in partnership with the YMCA, that provides emergency food parcels for homeless people. 

Local churches take it in turns to collect tins and packets of food from members of their congregation which are sorted and packed into the emergency food parcels by volunteers here. These food parcels are designed to provide enough for a few days’ meals. Many of the donations of tea and coffee that we receive are large jars or packets, so we have the problem of re-packaging these into smaller containers. Whilst we have used plastic bags, it would be much easier for the recipient to keep tea and coffee dry in a small jar.

So, please wash and dry your used small jars with lids, (not just jam jars, but coffee and other suitable jars as well), and let us have them here at:

The Volunteer Centre South Derbyshire
46-48 Grove Street
DE11 9DD

Phone us for more info on 01283 550163 or email chrisw@sdcvs.org.uk


About Volunteer Centre South Derbyshire

We are the Volunteer Centre serving South Derbyshire, supporting volunteers, volunteer managers and volunteering organsiations
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