25th Hour Campaign – Get Your Volunteers In The Movies

We’ve had this unusual request from Blue Rubicon, who want to film your volunteers for an Olympics-inspired campaign.

 I am currently working with The Government Olympic Executive on the social legacy campaign to ensure that hosting the Olympic and Paralympic Games in London provides inspiration to millions of people throughout the UK to get involved by giving one of the most valuable things they have: time. 

I wondered if you’d be interested in helping source a couple of your star volunteers to take part in a short, three-minute film, that will seek to galvanise support and enthusiasm throughout the country for the campaign? 

It will be used for the duration of the campaign – which means beyond the Games in summer 2012. This will create an opportunity for your volunteers to highlight the good work they already do and be part of a hugely high-profile campaign from its inception. This could be one of the biggest campaigns of the next two to three years.  We will need about 30 mins of their time to film them saying one line for the film. As such, it’s going to be similar to the Make Poverty History adverts that happened around Live8.It will play a pivotal role in inspiring and encouraging people around the country to support the campaign and give some of their time; and in turn their participation will be a key driver of its success.Our issue is timing; we’d need to start filming next week or W/C 8th Feb! So if you’d like/be able to put forward some stars, then the sooner the better really! We’d really love to work with you and your volunteers.Different people will want to get involved in different ways, but we believe they can be united by a common inspiration arising from the Games. We believe that we can make this an Olympics for everyone, everywhere.    

Of course the reality is that it won’t just happen. There needs to be a focal point around which people can rally. That’s why we are launching a campaign called the 25th Hour with the backing of Lord Coe and Olympics Minister, Tessa Jowell.The 25th Hour is a metaphor for the time we can invest in others. The time we give to people and places that matter to us. It’s time that makes things happen. And, ultimately, it’s time that we get something back from too. It creates opportunities to meet people, embrace new experiences and develop skills. It makes us feel better about ourselves, how we live and where we live.Millions of people already give time formally or informally. Whether it’s a little or a lot, they recognise the power of the 25th Hour. Imagine if we all gave some time to the things that matter where we live. It would be a powerful force for social cohesion in our communities. That is what this campaign is all about. 

The 25th Hour campaign will celebrate and recognise the achievements of unsung heroes and inspire millions more to join them. 

As part of the campaign we support taking the Olympics on the road to drop in on thousands of projects where people already use the power of the 25th Hour. We want to recognise them for their efforts. The very best will receive golden tickets to the Games to say thank you and to allow them to celebrate at our greatest ever event. 

We will campaign to get new people to give time forming a movement and building up to a national festival of events in villages, towns and cities – all spotlighting what we can do with our 25th Hour. It’s a festival to bring people together; to get them involved. It will happen every year on the Sunday of the clock change, a symbolic moment when we all get an extra hour. 

Thank you for taking the time to read this far…

Best wishes,
Natasha Jacobs

Blue Rubicon
5th Floor
6 More London Place
SE1 2DA 

Telephone 020 7260 2700
Facsimile 020 7260 2701 


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