Top Of The Pops – Ten Great Reasons for Volunteering

  1. Get fitter and healthier
    We can’t promise you a gym but research has shown that volunteering can improve people’s health and fitness. In a survey in 2004, nearly half of all volunteers questioned (47%) said volunteering improved their physical health and fitness and half of all people (48%) who volunteered for more than two years said volunteering made them less depressed.
  2. Enjoy life more
    Given the hectic, stressful lifestyles many of us lead, it is no wonder that “enjoying life more” has become a popular resolution in recent years. Volunteering can be a great way of escaping the rat race and boosting your morale and self esteem. Many people come to volunteering looking to change career and gain experience for a more meaningful and less stressful career and ultimately enjoy their life more!
  3. Do some travelling
    As a volunteer you could have the opportunity to travel and if you became a full-time volunteer you could even live in a new part of the UK – and it won’t cost you a penny!  You could be experiencing the coasts of Cornwall, the buzzing atmosphere of Edinburgh, the excitement of Cardiff or the tranquil countryside of Cambridgeshire.  With hundreds of volunteering opportunities, you could find yourself travelling to anywhere in the UK.
  4. Take up a new hobby
    Our volunteers often accompany people to activities they enjoy and end up joining in too! So you might find yourself trying gardening, bingo or salsa dancing!
  5.  Learn new skills
    There are so many skills that can be gained from a volunteering opportunity. Volunteers tell us that they gain skills such as team working, communication, time management and interpersonal skills to name but a few!
  6. Find a job
    Volunteering can be a great way of improving your CV and opening the door to employment. Many volunteers tell us the practical experience they gained has been invaluable in helping them improve their job prospects and stand out from the crowd in a competitive job market.
  7. Try something new
    With a diverse range of opportunities from supporting people with disabilities, helping homeless people, befriending older people or mentoring young offenders, you’re bound to be doing something you’ve never done before. 
  8. Be better with money
    If you’re an unemployed volunteer you’ll need to learn how to live on a budget!  You won’t receive a salary but you will be provided with out-of-pocket expenses.
  9. Meet new people
    Volunteering opportunities often involve helping and supporting others so you should have plenty of opportunities to meet new people. You might even be volunteering alongside people elsewhere in the UK or from other countries so it’s a great way make new friends and widen your social network.
  10. Make a difference
    Wherever you are placed, you’ll certainly have the opportunity to be involved in a worthwhile and valuable activity which will be helping to make a real difference to individuals, organisations and communities.


Our thanks to CSV’s Full Time Volunteering team for this top ten.

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