DWP Support for Carers “Work Focussed Activities” – Including Volunteering

Those of us who have been hanging around the world of volunteering for a while already know that volunteering can help to break down all sorts of barriers, including barriers to employability. However, people with caring responsibilities often tell us that they simply don’t have time to volunteer. It’s not often I could write that JobCentre Plus have come to the rescue, but the new DWP Carer Strategy where replacement care can be funded by the Department of Work and Pensions (DWP) aims to enable carers to participate in work focussed activities.

This is on offer to anyone claiming Carer’s Allowance or Income Support where their condition of entitlement is that they are a carer.

Unfortunately, lone parents are not eligible for this scheme if their children are under 10 years old.

Many carers speak of feeling very isolated & that their confidence in undertaking outside activities is low. Many also say that they feel they cannot undertake activities such as voluntary work as they feel that they will be seen as unreliable if they cannot attend regularly or if they are called away to meet their caring responsibilities.

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