When Is A Volunteer Not A Volunteer?

A great title for a great blog post. 

Claire Walsh from the Sheffield Volunteering Strategy team has written one of my favourite volunteering articles of recent weeks. You can see it on their blog at: http://sheffieldvolunteeringstrategy.blogspot.com/2010/02/when-is-volunteer-not-volunteer.html

It would be great for us here in South Derbyshire to take Claire’s main point on board. Volunteer managers cannot be all things to all people. In our experience,  most volunteer managers are terrible at turning volunteers away.

But we all have to balance the needs of our own organisations with the support needs of our current and potential volunteers and weigh up our capacity to balance these two sets of needs. Where we simply cannot find a role for a volunteer, as painful as it is to us, we MUST learn to say “no”.

We should, of course, do this in a positive, supportive way that, I hope, also  involves a referral to us here in the Volunteer Centre.


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2 Responses to When Is A Volunteer Not A Volunteer?

  1. Hi there

    Thanks for the link! It would be great to hear from some Volunteer Managers on this – any ideas on how we can all best work together to ‘share’ volunteers when we are not able to offer them anything within our own organisations would be received with much interest.

    Claire, Strategic Volunteering Manager, Voluntary Action Sheffield

  2. Hi Claire,

    It’s my pleasure to pass on your thoughts. Let’s hope that organisations like yours and ours can do more to support volunteer managers wherever they are.

    Dave Thomas
    Volunteer Centre South Derbyshire

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