Volunteer Speed Matching – Feedback

We are delighted to present our first guest blog here – with many thanks to Jo.

This report on yesterday’s Volunteer Speed Matching event has been written by Jo Baines of Volunteer Centres Derbyshire who came along to help out with her VCD  colleague, Pete Newby who took the photos.

Volunteer Speed Matching

Volunteer Speed Matching June 2nd 2010 at Sharpe's Pottery Museum0

Volunteer Speed Matching June 2nd 2010 at Sharpe's Pottery Museum

Wednesday 2nd June in Sharp’s Pottery Museum saw members of the public of all ages seizing the opportunity to talk to 11 different volunteer involving organisations about volunteering and the opportunities open to them.

Timekeeping by party blower!

Timekeeping by party blower!

It was a bit like speed dating in that Dave blew his whistle (or party blower as he had forgotten to bring a whistle!) every 5 minutes to encourage potential volunteers to move round and talk to different organisations. A few moved round but many ended up ignoring the signal – they were too busy enjoying their conversations with the organisations in front of them to notice!  Still, the afternoon worked brilliantly.  All the potential volunteers met with several of the organisations, many staying for the whole afternoon.

Talking to the potential volunteers there  it seemed that they were either already volunteering, bitten by the volunteering bug and the feel good factor they got it from it, and wanting to find new extra roles, or they were members of the public looking to volunteer for the first time.

  • “Amazing! I never knew there was so much to do out there. These organisations are so professional; they give you training and everything.”
  • “Really informative. I’ve seen three organisations I’m really interested in. I came along today because it meant I could see lots of organisations under one roof rather than having to go round to each one separately.”
  • “Today has been really helpful. I’ve got some really good ideas today about what I can do.”

For the organisations there the day was about raising their profile and chatting to the public and hoping to recruit a few new volunteers.

  • “Today will be a success if we recruit one new volunteer”
  • “We’ve seen two good people this afternoon”.
  • “We’ve had a good nibble!!”

Volunteer Speed Matching

Also, in the true style of volunteer coordinators, get them together and they seize the moment to network with each other and share news. There was plenty of that going on too.

All in all a great afternoon!

Jo Baines
Volunteer Centres Derbyshire



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  1. Great idea, we might try that here as well!

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