Easy volunteering in education in South Derbyshire – inspire our local young people with career ideas

We have teamed up with award-winning Growing Ambitions to help you to inspire the next generation to aspire to more.

Getting in front of local young people and telling them about your job and career is an easy but crucial contribution you can make to their future.

We offer you a way to volunteer in our local secondary schools, colleges and universities that takes just half-an-hour of your time. There is no long-term commitment for you – you can opt out at any time with a few clicks of your mouse.

What’s in it for you?

It’s a chance to really ‘connect’ and act as a positive role model for young people, some of whom have few others. It will get your organisation noticed too, help to attract future employees, and will provide you with PR ‘fodder’, if you need some.

What are you waiting for? We have made volunteering ultra simple.

Four steps

1   Register to Speak – a few minutes to complete a screen and verify your email address

2   Wait to be contacted by a careers adviser (from a school, college or uni near

your home or workplace) at some time in the future

3   To and fro by email with them to fix a good date and time

4   Go in and speak.


Here’s a Speaker’s Guide with a few useful tips.

REGISTER TO SPEAK Register/login

Click the Register/login link and you’ll find useful FAQs, too. Why not encourage your colleagues and friends to volunteer to Register to speak about their jobs as well? If your organisation has more than 500 employees you can have a volunteering portal like this on your own website. Visit growingambitions.org for more info on their White Label option.


To access career speakers from the local area, click here to create an Education Account


About Volunteer Centre South Derbyshire

We are the Volunteer Centre serving South Derbyshire, supporting volunteers, volunteer managers and volunteering organsiations
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