Trustee Recruitment and Support Campaign Launched

The Charity Commission and partners are running the first ever Trustees’ Week from 25-31 October 2010. The week aims to celebrate the fantastic work done by trustees and to increase awareness and understanding of the trustee role.  To mark the week, we are launching South Derbyshire’s Trustee Recruitment and Support Campaign.

Here at the Volunteer Centre South Derbyshire, we have been aware for a while that many local organisations would very much like to strengthen their trustee boards, management committees or  advisory groups.  We have decided to make Trustees a priority for the rest of this year.

We have long been aware that trustees are volunteers and need support, just as any other volunteer does. It may be a different kind of support, especially when the people providing that support are, in reality supporting their own bosses.

However, we are pulling out all the stops between now and Christmas to raise the profile of trustee opportunities, to help find new ones, to help the ones already in place to be more effective and to support the people who have to support their trustees.

Training Session – Recruiting and Supporting Trustees

On Wednesday 17th November, between 09:30 and 12:30, we have arranged a training and networking session at South Derbyshire CVS on this very subject. Although the course is free, you will need to book a place by sending us a deposit of £5 per person, repayable when you turn up on the day.

For more details, contact us here at the Volunteer Centre

Trustee Case Studies and Stories

In support of the week, KnowHow NonProfit has recorded interviews with five very different types of trustee – from young to old, working to retired, from those looking to develop their career to those directly affected by the cause they are championing. The interviews shed light on trusteeship in ways that everyone can relate to. “Every organisation needs a different mix of people”, says Edward Pickering, trustee for Relate in Richmond, Kingston and Hounslow. “If Relate had ten clinical psychologists as its trustees it would be missing out on so much. Everyone brings a different skill to the table and can take part in their own way.” 

Their, and our aim is to inspire people from all walks of life (including students!) to think about trusteeship as an exciting, rewarding volunteering opportunity but also to highlight the importance of diversity on charity boards. The panel talk candidly about the motivation behind taking up a trustee role, the mix of skills and people who make up a board, the responsibilities that come with the job, and the rewards that make it worth their while, both professionally and personally. There is also advice on how to become a trustee and how to be good at it. Moreover, throughout Trustees’ Week 2010 our trustee panel will take questions about their trustee experience on the KnowHow comment boards.

The stories of our five trustees are free to access on the website of KnowHow NonProfit at


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