Volunteering Works – v’s newest website targets employee volunteering

Thanks to my colleague Simon, from the vinvolved team at Community Action in Derby for pointing out that youth volunteering organisation, v, have now launched their Employer Supported Volunteering website.

Simon says:

It has to be said that v is doing what it can to move forward!   Here’s their latest initiative which is very interesting . They already have an excellent media platform in vinspired.com.  They’ve taken this, added a few tweaks and have launched their ESV site this week  – link below.  Not a great deal on it yet as it was only launched on Tuesday.  Basically, the site will allow charities to post volunteering opportunities for free, and in order to make use of it, businesses will be expected to donate to charity.  They have some very big players supporting this – Sainsburys, Nike and BP. 


Not sure at this point how it will link in with existing ESV schemes such as time and talents, Volunteer Centres etc.  Not sure if it’s just aimed at young people either.  I’m sure we’ll hear more about it over the coming weeks.

 Add to this the new vinspired i-phone volunteering app and it shows they clearly have a grasp on the web and social media side of things.

We’ll keep an eye on this issue and let you know how things develop, but in the meantime, my view is that if it helps to bring more and better volunteering opportunities and engages new people in volunteering, it’s a good thing.


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