Nominate Local Heroes for Hatton’s Community Awards

Youth of Hatton are calling for your nominations for their 2010 Community Awards.

The awards are for people who have a made a difference to life in the village of Hatton, South Derbyshire. (see it on Google Maps)

The 2010 Awards will be presented at a ceremony which takes place on Friday 11th February 2011. Youth of Hatton have chosen to present this event after Christmas to have a little bit more time to organise.

Please send your nominations for the following categories to the above details by post or e-mail by  Sunday 17th January 2011.

  • Outstanding Community Contribution Awardfor dedication to make Hatton a brighter community.  For involvement and encouragement with other groups in the village.  For the vision of a better future that can be had for all residents and community members
  • Community Fundraiser Awardfor efforts reached in raising funds for charities, therefore helping to enrich & improve the lives of others who for whatever reason are less fortunate than others
  • Community Achiever Awardfor overcoming the odds and continually showing anything is possible if you try
  • Community Youth Workercould be a teacher or group leader (school, nursery, church, brownies, sport group ect) who spends time to reach into the spirit of young people and help bring their potential to the core
  • Community Neighbour & Friend for any person that you know who will always be there or lends a hand, someone you know you can count on 
  • Community Business Awardcould be the friendliest, cleanest or most helpful.  Makes you glad to be part of the workforce. Maybe strives to help the community out in any way.
  • Community Sportsperson Award for any type of sport and for any person within that sport – coach, captain, manager or player – anyone who has done well or overcome obstacles to participate 
  • Community Young Person Awardfor any young person who has done well, strived to help others or overcome challenges of any sort

You can nominate as many times as you like but please include contact details of yourself and the person you are nominating. If you require any more details please contact Teresa Croft, again on the above details.  You can use the nomination letter and form provided or plain paper.

Remember you can also email your nominations – DEADLINE Sunday 17th January 2011


About Volunteer Centre South Derbyshire

We are the Volunteer Centre serving South Derbyshire, supporting volunteers, volunteer managers and volunteering organsiations
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3 Responses to Nominate Local Heroes for Hatton’s Community Awards

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