JobCentre Plus “Registered Volunteering”

A colleague from another Derbyshire Volunteer Centre went to an event on Friday where a JCP representative was talking about volunteering. In my colleague’s own words:

“She said they had a book with organisations in so people could then volunteer. I asked if it was the same information that we were giving as this would appear to be duplication, and wouldn’t it be much easier to refer them to us in the first place? It seemed a fairly obvious question really. However I was surprised when she said it was their own information. She did make some right noises, “Oh of course we’d refer to the Volunteer Centre” but I can’t say I was convinced. What did alarm me however was that during the interval someone approached me and said that she had mentioned ‘Registered volunteering’ (which I didn’t pick up on) and apparently if people access a volunteering opportunity through the Job Centre, then decide it’s not for them, they will stop their benefits. Something they can’t do if people access volunteering through a Vol Centre. Does anyone know anything about this?

Is there any truth in it or have I got the wrong end of the stick?”

Please can you help to throw some light on this?


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